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I used to be such a jewelry addict when I was younger.
I used to wear a ring on every finger (yes, on all 10 one of them), and spend hours shopping for and organizing my jewelry.
It felt like the perfect way to express myself after clothes.
Beyond clothing, jewelry is a way to add that extra bit of personality to your outfit that showcase who you are.

However, after a few years of having this jewelry craze (especially about rings), I had to stop.
Because as my taste evolved, I stopped being able to express myself through jewelry.

Whereas before, I was totally fine with cheap jewelry buys that turn your finger green, polishing them with nail top coats and constantly taking them on and off, I suddenly wanted nothing to do with anything that wasn't good quality.

Older now, I only wanted to buy from high-end jewelry brands.
I learned over time that jewelry holds a lot more power than I thought in expressing yourself - or just dressing up every outfit.
So wearing something that's sloppy and half turned gray, says something about you (like it or not).

Well after I began my sustainable journey, I stopped buying jewelry all together.
I came to the conclusion that these designer boutiques didn't need or value my money.
I didn't want to shop like that.
I wanted my shopping experience to be more personal, valued, and truly benefit everyone involved.
I wanted to walk out of those shops (or open the door for a delivery) happy! And fulfilled!
I suddenly wanted to only shop from small boutiques that provide quality, and value their sales.

Long story short, I stopped buying jewelry.
No brand could provide the chic look I was looking for while being sustainable and well-intentioned.

Then, I came across Zoe Morton Jewelry

It was love at first sight.
This brand re-sparked my love of jewelry!
(Or, perhaps, awakened a sleeping ring-loving beast! :)

But it wasn't just the chic, sustainable design that made me into a life-long customer at Zoe Morton Jewelry.
It was the brand itself.
It was Zoe's attitude, and the soul oozing from her website.

Rather than a blog section, she has an "Adventures & Stories" section in her website.
Where she talks about her adventures around the globe, and gives personal insights into her experiences and relationships while traveling.

After seeing this, I thought this was a person I definitely needed to speak to.
Another brand with good designs and a heart!


So without further ado, I will hand it to Zoe! Here are the highlights from our talk:



Q: What is the intention behind your brand? How would you summarize Zoe Morton Jewelry?
It all started with adventure in mind. 
That feeling of living you get when you're at the top of a mountain or swimming in the sea.
Zoe has bottled that feeling and created unique pieces for you to wear in your everyday lives.


Q: How did you start? And how did Zoe Morton Jewelry come to be?
I used to work in photography. After doing a few jewelry evening courses I decided I wanted to further investigate the idea of maybe turning it into a career. I quit my job and drove to Italy and studied jewelry for 3 months in Florence. After a drive back to the UK through Europe, I began to get the website up and running, and since then I have never looked back. 



Q: What were the challenges, and the encouragements along the way? How did things evolve in the process of expanding?
Its all been a huge learning curve for me, and I am definitely still learning as I go. I think the first lessons learnt where about making the product viable to be produced in quantity. Also getting the pricing right was a struggle to begin with, not realizing the large % retailers take. Im for sure still growing and learning but I have been lucky enough to meet some awesome people along the way... and I have a really awesome support network so Ive always got someone behind me. Each collection I think gets stronger, so I am excited for whats to come!


Q: What does this brand mean to you? What space does it hold in your life?
It means, well pretty much everything to me. It's always on my mind, have I done this right, have I done that right, could I improve this etc etc.. I guess its my life. I can't imagine going back to a normal job. Im keeping my fingers crossed I never have to! Since starting my brand I feel I live life, I for sure don't live for the evenings and weekends as these are often taken up with work, but I do have the privilege of living life all day every day..... 


Q: How does the designing process usually go for you?
I usually have an idea... and then I have to test if it works as it often doesn't! So its alot of trial and error... I value most my friends. I have a few friends who really help me with the later design as they give me a really honest opinion and I trust their opinion! 



Q: What advice would you give to both conscious consumers and ethical brands starting out?
I would probably tell them to read 'Let My People Go Surfing' by founder of Patagonia Yvon Chouinard. Best book I ever did read.


Q: So your website is really adorned with the passion of adventure. It's hard to miss it. What does adventure mean to you?
I have met some of my best friends on adventures all around the world. You make really special bonds with people you travel with... those bonds literally last a lifetime and you meet up with those people all over the world and have so many fun times. Traveling and adventuring keeps the spirit of life alive. I never want to lose that feeling. 

...adventuring keeps the spirit of life alive...


Q: Do you care to share a story about an adventure you've been on then?
Um I probably have too many haha. A few years ago my friend sent me a picture of a lake in Southern Germany...a week later we where in Berlin and decided to drive pretty much the length of Germany to find this lake... luckily it wasn't a disappointment. We slept in the car and had this insanely beautiful lake all to ourselves! We used to do this a lot in Italy too! I think last minute/ unplanned trips are always the best. They can go wrong but they more likely go so right! 


Q: Let's talk personal development (because Tiyö is all about this topic and lessons learned from life). What is the biggest lesson you've learned? And would say needs to be learned by anyone looking to build a better life?
I think the most important lesson for someone to learn is to believe in themselves. No ones going to believe you if you don't believe you. If your happy your also more likely to be happy with other people too! 

Q: And finally, on a bigger scale, how can we achieve a more gentle world?
Just be nice to one another. 


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