Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed by Shifting your Thoughts

The universe expands.
Things are constantly changing.

In nature, things are unpredictable, but nothing is random.

I remind myself this, every time it seems like the unknown and unpredictability of life weighs on me.

I come back to this thought every time my mind runs wild with the noise of the day.

Nothing is at random.

As much as it seems like we hold so much responsibility in our day to day, we can observe that in the long run, we really have no control at all.

And even though at first this might invite fear, once we are able to get past that initial reaction to the unknown and make peace with it, it's really all too liberating.

To know that life will be what it was meant to be. Regardless of us.

Life is like a river, that runs and runs. And each of us are only fish inside the river. Unable to dictate the direction of the current, only able to swim along with it. 

The daily responsibilities and the many many many thought bubbles boiling up in our minds can leave us feeling too much in control with too many responsibilities, therefore impacting the state of our inner balance.

It's absolutely crucial to take time off, and recalibrate.

When the day-to-day leaves you feeling the overwhelm, remember, the universe is constantly expanding, things are happening far out of your control.

And so many other destinies are connected to ours. We even connect to a person we know nothing about on our random coffee run. A glance or a smiley thank you can turn the whole day of the barista around.

Things that might mean nothing to us, or things that seem simple hold so much value.

The value usually shows itself in a matter of days, or sometimes longer. But there's always wisdom, in everything.

If we don't see it just yet, it just means our understanding hasn't progressed enough.
Nothing is random.

Thus, our destinies, occupations, and even day to day actions are part of a larger whole.

From the people we connect with while we do these things, even if it's just for a small fleeting moment, to even that one person we touch - when we do whatever it is that we do.

These are all divine connections. Even if they seem trivial, they truly are. Because each action sets off another set of actions.

Thus, to think we have much control at all over where we end up, or what we do at all, is simply impossible.

That's not to say we don't have control over what we choose to do though. 

We must actively choose to align our intentions with our destiny.

And this is crucial.

When we operate without balance and from our "common sense", rather than that all-knowing place in our hearts, that's when suffering comes. And that's when we're unable to fulfill our true selves - and life feels heavy.

When we find balance, learn to set our destiny free, rather than battling with it, and learn the art of following our heart, everything takes perfect shape.

Thus, do whatever you must, to ensure you have set your heart free (of things that don't serve it). Do the hard work.

Then, watch the beauty of your destiny unfold. 
Watch your life expand and grow, in ways you never thought possible.
Watch the edges of your story touch others, and serve it's purpose.

And realizing for the first time that you have no control, that you never had any responsibility at all, except to follow that heart of yours, while the universe expands and evolves, is the feeling above all feelings.

Much love,


                                             Photo by  Viliman Viliman  on  Unsplash

                                             Photo by Viliman Viliman on Unsplash

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