A Thought on the Ephemeral..


I wish the taste of coffee lasted as long as it’s scent did, and I wish my nose didn’t grow accustomed to the coffee scent so quickly, that way it was new to me for longer, and I could enjoy it longer.

I wish I could enjoy the good moments longer.

And I wish I could realize that the difficult moments were a gift quicker, so I could enjoy them before it was too late.

But I can’t do any of those.

Because this world is so ephemeral.

I can spend all morning looking forward to my coffee, only to find I’ve finished it before I felt like I truly had enough.

All we can do is accept and love this world as it is.

Find a way to be absolutely okay, and maybe even thankful for the fleeting nature of everything.

Moments are constantly ending, good or bad, and surrendering themselves to the coming of the moment after.

Smells are growing weaker and weaker in our noses.

And the taste of coffee, no matter how magical and wonderful, lasts only a fleeting moment, before the cup is empty, and you’ve been sitting in the coffee shop for far too long. 

And it’s time to go.

Embark on new adventures...

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