"Surrender to what is"

“Surrender to what is”. 

It’s easier said than done. So much easier said than done.
Yet it is so important.


I realize that we often try to find an escape route from what is instead of making peace with it.
This can be done in any way.
Your escape route can be anything. Dance, music, shopping, even traveling.
Anything to feel like your current reality isn’t really happening to you.
Because in your mind, you don’t deserve to be in the situation you’re in.
You’re better than that.
You’re more than the cards you’re dealt.
Well, years prove this mindset to be a false and self-destructive one.
Because when you go in a whirlwind battling with your reality without even realizing you’re doing so, it just never ends up well.
You implode at some point.
Because when you’re at that stage, the things you do are never sincere.
Relationships, conversations, laughs, hobbies, none of it comes from a pure place.
It all becomes a call for help.
Without even realizing it to be so.
On the surface you’re doing things, running around.
But on the inside you’re running from yourself.
A better alternative is to observe every situation exactly as it is.
Respect yourself enough to sit down with your demons and get to know your weaknesses.
Allow yourself enough space to be weak, to be broken, and down.
If you pretend that when you’ve been wronged, when you’ve fallen, or when you’re lonely, that it didn’t really happen, nothing difficult is currently going on, and hold onto an escape route for dear life (like exercise, dancing, a hobby, a friendship, a romantic partner, etc), you’re treating yourself harshly. 
Speak out loud whatever truth you’re grappling with.
Whatever it is that you’ve been pushing around your mind for a while, make space for it.
Realize that life happens for you, not to you. And give your current situation the respect it deserves. Because out of the countless possibilities that life could’ve brought your way, in the here and now, this is the one life deemed worthy enough to present to you.

This is the one that would make you the best version of yourself.
This is the one.
The only one.

So open your heart, accept it, and love it.
However belittling, or difficult, or heavy the situation might be.

The only thing you can be guaranteed is that if you allow it to challenge you, mold you, and change you, it will lead you to be a much brighter, stronger, amazing version of yourself.


PS: It’s funny I’m sitting here writing this. Because this^ is exactly what the RiseAbove collection is about. I’ve just not had the exact words to articulate it yet. Although I’ve written many poems on this topic, it never came out quite as raw as this essay. I’ve done my best to keep it as short as possible.

Anyways, I made the V-suit for RiseAbove almost a year ago. And it represented something I grappled with previous to the sewing of the clothing, and I thought that was it. I thought RiseAbove Collection was going to represent the stuff I’ve dealt with before.

But here I am, a year later. And I realize as I write this, that the story is only just beginning.

This challenge, I realize, of escaping reality versus surrendering to the beauty of it no matter how heavy, shows up time and time again in all of our lives.
And how liberating is that. That we all feel this very thing.
And that where I thought I was challenged, grew stronger, and moved on, I was just beginning.


Life is truly beautiful.
in love & light